About Me And This Blog

So who is Bellina Creations?  Bellina is me, my name is Bonnie.  I have been making gifts for family and friends for quite some time. After losing my job in the corporate world in February of 2010 and battling an autoimmune and endocrine disease for many years I knew it was time to find a different road. It has given me the opportunity to really look at life and search for what feeds my soul.

I am a 6th generation Reiki Master and also specialize in DNA Healing, and Activation (also called Theta healing). I chose jewelry creation as a way to bring the properties of crystals and stone to others.  I owe a great deal to this amazing energy as it has helped facilitate the healing of my body, mind and spirit and continues to do so.

I love animals and nature and I gain inspiration there.  I currently live in the desert but my heart belongs to the ocean.  I try to make it home to RI once a year for recharging.  This is also where I do my sea glass hunting.

This is me modeling some of my work

I am not going to focus solely on Bellina or online selling because frankly it's boring. I will have a little bit of everything. I will post about other artists, tips and tricks for your online store, products I love, and my thoughts in general. I hope you enjoy.
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