Monday, June 25, 2012

From The Workbench

I really enjoy nature.  One of my favorite things is to go out walking and just take in my surroundings.  I frequently find nests sometimes with empty eggs.  I am always inspired by the great outdoors.  

I first started making birds nests years ago before I ever started selling on the internet. Believe it or not I thought this was an original thought and was quite proud of myself. They got many compliments, but then came the dreaded day I found them online. With a heavy heart I decided to put them aside. But clients have continued to admire these little nests so I again started making them.  I try to imagine a bird building a nest while I make them.  Each one is different with intricate weaving and little spiral twiglets.  Here are some of the nests I have found and some I have made.  You can find all my nests by click on the link here:  Bellina's Nests


Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Artful Life ~ Finding the Beauty in Every Day: To The Sea - Curated Craft

I was featured on The Artful Life today.  Please check out her site and click on the link to see all the information on the artists.  This is one of the best blogs I have come across.  The vibe is much in tune to what I truly value in life.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please vote for me for a grant!

Please vote for me for a grant. I need at least 250 votes to even be considered. I worked hard on the submission but without the votes I won't even be considered. Anyone that is willing to click or circulate I would really appreciate it! I found out late and there is only ten days left! Just click learn more and the log in using facebook. Simply put Bellina Creations in the search and select to vote!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Skin 79 Super BB Cream VIP Gold Collection Review

There has been a tremendous hype about BB creams lately.  Skin 79 has one of the higher rated creams out there and I was excited to try something that had a natural look but provided good coverage with skin improving ingredients.  I've seen all these rave reviews and thought I would give it a go.  My skin is not wrinkled but I have a lot of redness, broken capillaries, sun damage, and sensitivity.  I normally do not go out without foundation.  I didn't exactly expect this to replace it but thought it might be better to have an alternative to having to go out with a full face. 

After a lot of reading I found the VIP Gold to be the best for me as I have very dry skinThe skin improving ingredients sounded promising and I liked that it contained an SPF and whitening as like I said I have sun damage.

Right out of the bottle it was quite thick, much what you would expect in a cream foundation only the coverage is minimal.  It did even out the redness but it took 3 layers so it is buildable.  The one color only does adapt to your skin and I found it to be a good match given about a half hour or so.  However I found it to feel thick and heavy on the skin and it did indeed look as if I had foundation on.  My actual foundation actually covers very well and has a much more natural look and I don't feel it on the skin.  So for me this did not work.  Wearing actual foundation is a much better option.  After about an hour my skin became very uncomfortable and I washed it off to find my skin was quite red and irritated.  For me...epic fail and back to the store it goes.

In my opinion this is more suitable for those who have young or near perfect skin that can get away with a tinted moisturizer.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Opinions Needed

Well I've been considering another endeavor for quite some time.  I am just not sure how to go about it.  I would love to be able to open another shop with my photography.  However I don't know much about going about the process.  I decided to take a trial run and do some note cards.  I was hoping I would get them relatively quickly.  No such luck.  They took about two weeks and sadly the first set was damaged.  So I had to wait another two weeks for them to reship.  Not good.  I would need them shipped to me and then I would ship to the customer I suppose.  It would be far too expensive to preorder and chance ending up with hundreds of photos or notecards that people don't buy.  I thought they came out nice and obviously they are original photos, not something you could buy in any store because I personally took the photos. 

Shop owners understandably have done their own legwork so finding advice on how to run a shop for photos is hard.  And asking can many times result in offending another shop owner.  I'm not sure how you learn if you scour the net and can't come up with answers.  I've done a fair share research and came up with zilch.  Best I can do is try different companies and see how the photos come out and how quickly they get to me.  Professional grade photos are an absolute must.  I am used to such a fast turnaround time with my jewelry.  I normally ship 24-48 hrs after receiving the order. 

Printing from a home printer is not an option unless you have a professional grade printer which I would imagine would cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Not gonna happen.  There is nowhere local here either.  

So like I was saying I started with notecards. For me to be able to cover the cost and still have a profit I am looking at pricing about $4 a card plus shipping ($20 for a set of 5).  Would you pay this for original notecards if you were into that sort've thing?

They are so much better in person.  It was dark in the room when I took this.  They are a glossy finish, heavy card stock.  Very good quality.

Treasury Thursday

'In the summer time' by Ababyheaven 
Romantic and sweet, soft and wonderful - just like a sunny summer day. A few of my favoite Etsy treasures :)

Baby Pink Vintage Art Poster...

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Bridal Blush Pink Clutch wit...

Vintage 50s Ballet Pink Pump...

Bicycle Pillow Cover 12x18 i...

Vintage Pink Aluminum MIRRO ...

Vintage Pink Shoe Horns

Pink Vintage Melmac Windsor ...

iPhone Earphone Plug White D...

A Vintage Romantic Glass Cl...

Medium Eyelet Pink Vintage T...

Birds Nest Ring Hummingbird ...

Pink Vintage Dish Drainer Dr...

The cutest bubblegum pink vi...

Vintage Cream and Sugar Set,...

FREE SHIPPING Whimsical Whit...
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