Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Workshop Clean Up

I had a super slow October so I took the time to organize a bit.  One thing being a creative mind I find it very hard to keep things neat and tidy.  When it gets busy it looks like a whirlwind hit the place.  But for the time being I was able to make it neat and tidy and was pretty impressed with the results.

Here is the worktable and where I store some of the supplies.  Some of the finished items go into the jewelry armoire.  Making good use of the jars that I save to store some of my supplies.  The boxes make a pretty storage for stuff that I'm too busy to organize.

And the photography/shipping sector.  All the gift boxes stacked, bubble wrap, more supplies. postage scale, and display items.  I'm trying super hard to keep it this way!  Anyone else have photos to share?

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