Monday, November 26, 2012

Just a little something

Well it's a bit of a manic Monday.  I spent the weekend in class and I am officially a 6th generation Reiki II practitioner studying to be a Master by the end of the year.  Squeee!  It sounds so official and I have the certifications to prove it.  

Since I was in class all weekend orders were building up so I am getting those completed and out today.  And maybe adding a few additional things.  Though mostly I have admittedly spent the morning studying and shipping and not so much creating except for completed made to order items.

That being said I found the perfect subject on the way to the mailbox Friday. He let me take all the photos I wanted and then flew away.  This is a male Queen butterfly.


  1. All our butterflies are in hibernation now over here, and not only because it's the time of the year. We've had such a wet summer, autumn (Fall to you folks) and early winter that they mostly got washed away anyway!

    Lovely photographs though. It's great when things happen this way, isn't it?

  2. Oh, sorry - meant, also, to congratulate you on your successful achievement in Reiki matters too! Well done.


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