Monday, October 1, 2012

My Beach Cottage

It will be...

Beach Quote Art Print Inspirational Aqua by SevenElevenStudios, $25.00

Beach House Cottage Rules Subway Art by betterlettersart, $30.00

Beach Soft Dreamy Art Print Aqua Sepia Tan by SevenElevenStudios, $25.00

Inspirational Quotes about life graduation by theartofobservation, $25.00


  1. This is so beautiful, it almost makes me sad. I know this is not a good attitude, but still... The good thing is that I can find something else to desire - for instance, an oriental house full of Asian things - but I want this cottage, too...

    1. I cried when I made it! I have a lot of Asian items as well. I'll have to do one of those too.

    2. I was close to crying, too. Gosh, it is unbelievably beautiful.

      Please do the Asian one, I might find a consolation in it. Although I become tired of these colors, frankly speaking... do not keep many bright items at home.

  2. I hope to one day have a cottage by the sea, or at least some body of water! This is a beautiful post.


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