Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life Lessons

I recently watched Caroline Myss on Super Soul Sunday on Oprah. If you aren't watching this show you are missing out on some real genuine conversations with the best spiritual teachers out there. I condensed some of their conversation on life's path here:

How do you know when you are on the right path?

You know you're on the right path when you are not put it a position to betray yourself.  You're not put in a position where you have to negotiate your sense of integrity, which is an act of betrayal.  You don't feel like you have to compromise who you are.  It feels right.  You know because you don't feel that this is costing me my power, my psyche, my soul.  I don't feel confused at some deep level.  I don't feel drained.  I can be tired after a days work but I'm not psychically drained where I feel as if I am losing life and losing my self.  Losing myself because I am betraying myself in some way.

In relationships what is the difference between betraying yourself and compromising?

Compromise is when you choose willingly and out of love.   In compromise you don't go away feeling like you've betrayed yourself.  You don't feel as if you've "put poison in your mouth".  Every choice you make either adds to your spirit or takes from it.  If you've compromised yourself to the point where you feel drained or depleted then you've betrayed yourself.

Having been betrayed in the past by someone close to me I thought there is NOTHING worse then being betrayed, but I now realize that betraying YOURSELF is the THE worst most ultimate betrayal.  Especially consciously.  When you have the opportunity to protect yourself and you choose otherwise the pain is  gut wrenching.  At that level what is the difference between the people who hurt you and what you are doing to yourself?

Words to ponder...


  1. Carolyn Myss--she's a hard one to love. Incredibly talented and astute, but she can cut people in half with her harshness.

    I've been looking for my life path forever, and may have finally found it. I am in essence an entrepreneur. I quit working for others in 1993. Started a word processing business that was great fun until the pain got too much. Then I sold books on Amazon for 11 years, but I came to hate it. The universe pushed me out when the economy collapsed and I went bankrupt.

    I searched for three years, starting a health blog and growing herbs and microgreens. Nothing fit. I had started making jewelry several years ago because I need an artistic outlet, but I put my supplies away when I moved from Oregon to Pennsylvania. Four years later I was short on cash and considered selling all my supplies. Instead, I made a pair of earrings. Then another. Then I decided to sell jewelry, which led to me creating an online bead store.

    I see people all the time working at jobs they hate, spending the better part of their day compromising who they are, suppressing their own creativity, fearful of losing the safety of a steady income. To most, that steadiness is important. But at what price?

    I love what I do now. I love creating jewelry. I have an outlet for artistic expression and I work with beautiful things from the earth. Having my online store, I have personal connections with my customers--not the anonymous connections I had through Amazon where I was really just a fulfillment center for their customers.

    Life is too precious to give up our dreams for a paycheck.

  2. I probably have a bit of that harshness. While I haven't seen Carolyn in action I can't speak to it. Reading a book isn't the same as seeing someone in person. I've seen it some with Marianne Williamson. But I also consider her to be one of the best. On one hand it's terrifying to be ripped apart but at the same time I think sometimes you need someone to cut through the bs and get right at the heart of it.

    I have that a lot in my personality. I find with people that many times you can softly, nicely, warmly, graciously, kindly try to set boundaries or address an issue and it gets nowhere. Sometimes just laying it out there is what it takes to wake someone up. It can also alienate and scare the hell out of people. And not everyone can take it. I think being a spiritual teacher can be a very lonely road. Sometimes that harshness is necessary.

    While I want to be financially independent I won't sell my soul. I felt like my soul was being sucked out of my every time I went to work. Now I finally feel a sense of peace. I am not quite "there". I am nowhere near being able to survive financially and that has to come as a peace of it to make it whole. I feel that there is something more to my path but I haven't discovered it. I believe my art is part of it but not the whole of it.

  3. I understand exactly what you're talking about. I also "serve it up straight" and tend to offend people. I recently did an online personality test, and it said I won't do anything for someone that they can't do themselves. So true! Probably because I've done everything myself.

    I listened to some CDs by Myss. Yes, she gets right down to it, and I love that. But she also ridicules people, which I think it cruel. She also tends to think that her way is the only way. If she had to work 15 hours every day for years to develop her intuitive skills, then everyone else has to do that. She's not just direct but comes across as extremely harsh and judgmental. I love/hate her.

    I wanted to be an actress when I was young. But I gave up on that dream. Now I would be happy selling gemstone beads and living on a farm with my cats growing my own food and traveling on occasion to foreign countries for new beads. Right now I can't even afford a car! Ha ha. Soon though. I'm on the right track.

    1. I tend to have that mentality too. I've lived on my own since 15 and have rarely ever asked for help. I have a hard time being sympathetic to people who do nothing to help themselves. Being a woman I have a harder time I think. I say if I were a man people would have no problem with my personality. And it's largely true and most of my friends have been men or women with similar personalities. I have no room for fakeness and putting on a show. I had a harder life then most and it made me build up quite a hard exterior but only to protect the soft squishy bits inside. From the outside I seem hardened but the reality is I'm incredibly oversensitive.

      I have never listed to any cd's by carolyn. Direct is fine but ridiculing someone? ok that's entirely different thing. I don't see how that can be helpful to anyone.

  4. That's funny. I could have written most of that first paragraph :)


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