Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Finds

I haven't done a Friday Find in awhile.  But I recently came across BinhMyPet who signed up to join Team Leanonme.  The squeee quotient was through the roof and I had to share. She does needle felting. Custom and original creations. I found it hard to pick favorites!

She offered the following bio:

I discovered the art of needle felting about a year ago and fell in love with it. The inspration for what I wanted to needle felt came from my two adorable Scotish Fold cats Mira and Mio. After a while, I thought that this hobby was becoming a little more than just a passtime. It led me to thinking that there were probably other people who love their pets as much as I do mine and that they might like a very life like miniature of it to keep. So, really, that's how I started my business ^_^

My creative inspiration, started with my own beautiful cats. Nowadays the creative spark is lit whenever someone sends me pictures of their pet combined with some information about their character. i've come to know a lot of very heartwarming stories this way and am thankful for each single one my customers have shared with me. They are my inspiration ;)

Needle felting really isn't all that hard, but it is very very time consuming. You need a lot of patience for this art form: Even a tiny miniature of about 1.5 inches requires 10-12 work hours. I've had a lot of practice now, but this is as fast as one can get. To really capture all kinds of little details in the miniatures, as I always try to do, you simply do need time. Each and every miniature I create becomes a favourite piece of mine. Each is completely unique, due to me putting in all that time, work and love :)

 In regards to advice for other Esty sellers, the only real advice I can give, is that if you want to share your passion with others, opening an Etsy shop is easy. What you should mind however is that only a few individuals generate great success on Etsy. Mostly, it is hard to make money and rather something "on the side" then a thing that would work as an exclusive job. Still, don't get discouraged. Take the time it needs to grow your shop."

Find her at:

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