Friday, August 31, 2012

Hair Conditioning Derma E

I have to share this.  I have been having issues with my hair and allergies for some time now.  I had some damage that occurred after having my hair redone at Dolce Salon in Chandler AZ.  Ever since my hair has been breaking off and falling out, but more breakage than anything else.  About a month ago I had started using derma e vitamin e cream on my skin.  

And it has changed my skin.  It is baby bottom soft and a lot of my scars are diminishing.  My skin had become very crepey and lacked any plump.  Kind've like a raisin.  Not cool.  I was running low on conditioner when a crazy thought hit me.  What if I put a little in my hair?  What?  Moisturizer in your hair?  That's crazy talk.  Yes I thought so too.  If you've ever handled vitamin e you know it's also kind've sticky.  Double crazy, but hey I did it anyway.  My thought was I wonder if it could have any kind've effect on my hair like it did on my skin.  I still added my normal conditioner as well but honestly for what I pay it doesn't do much of anything special.

I did nothing to my hair outside of blow drying it just a little.  I don't blow it out of anything special.  Simply just trying to get some of the wet out.  I let most of it air dry.  Once it was dry I was astounded.  My hair was so shiny, had virtually no frizz and looked almost as if it had healed.  And it felt like silk.

I had no intention of sharing this but rather was trying to take a photo for myself as it's kind've hard to see one's own hair.  I wish I had a before but I don't.  So excuse the mess.  I had done nothing to my hair.  In fact I haven't even had it cut in 4 months!  And it's grainy as well but you get the point I think.  I will have to ask my stylist if this is ok to do as I know nothing about it long term but for now, wow!

I should add that I don't use this solely as a conditioner but rather as a treatment in addition to.  I put it in my hair a few minutes before conditioning and let it sit.  It absorbs right into the hair.  It doesn't sit on top the way a conditioner does and it doesn't provide any slip so you still need to condition.

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