Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Trip to Sedona

An earlier post rehashed...

Back in September I took a trip to Sedona to check out the Hummingbird Festival as a chance to sell my rings  Since I had just found out about it this would be a scouting mission.  I came prepared wearing my jewelry and touting my cards.  I got up there late in the afternoon thinking that the festival would be easily found.  Not so much.  Driving all over town there seemed to be no evidence of anything even remotely hummingbird related.  Thinking it would be a chance to escape the heat I was beside myself to find it a sweltering 100 or so degrees.  So no festival and no chance to really be outside either.  I've done the downtown thing and I'm not much of a shopper.  I'm even less of a heat tolerant person.  So back to the hotel.  I didn't have $100 or so to spare to spend the night in a hotel watching Norbit.  I was not amused.  Luckily it started to storm which afforded my partner and I chance to get out and enjoy the rain a bit. We didn't go too far outside the parking lot of one of the pull off areas as you need to have a ticket and it was now approaching sunset.  I walked a little ways up a trail to escape the traffic noise.  There were a lot of birds chirping.  The smell of the rain was amazing.  And there was a sense of total peace and calm.  Something I haven't felt in over a year.  A thought came over me.  What was I doing in that exact moment?  An answer came quickly.  Being.  That was it.  I was "being".  Completely in the moment.  No noise of ailments, things to do, the constant screaming of voices in my head.  I was completely at peace in the present moment and it was brilliant!

Back at the hotel I found a local paper in the room with a big article on the festival.  Funny thing was there was no address anywhere to be found.  A pamphlet found at another area gave an address for some of the sessions where there were people speaking.  It was at the local high school.  Locating the high school there were no signs until maybe a quarter mile before you reached the high school.  The high school is on the outskirts of town so unless you already knew where it was you would never find it.  Looking at the website it appeared there were small happenings throughout town at different areas.  I found the whole thing so confusing and we were so exasperated we all but skipped it. We went to a hummingbird banding in the morning.  It ended up consisting of a bunch of people waiting beneath a tent in the rain for hummingbirds to come to feeders where they could be caught and banded.  We stayed about twenty minutes or so while the hummingbirds laughed and went to the feeders without traps.  It was pretty funny to watch.  It continued to rain and I was soaking it in like a sponge.  A few of the roses in the gardens.

The sun started to come out and I refused to have it be a wasted trip.  On the search for the festival we had driven by a state park and figured we'd check that out.  Still too hot to be out and about I was concerned we'd get in there with nothing to do.  At $11.00 for entry I wasn't sure.  The very nice man at the toll both gave us a pamphlet and explained what there was to do.  One of locations included a hummingbird observatory.  On the walk down we heard a cacophony of high pitched chirps and swarms of birds.  It took me a minute to realize...OMG those are hummingbirds!  What seemed like hundreds!  I could not believe my eyes.  Tons of them!  All different species.  My photos aren't so great as I need a much better camera being that far away.  I don't have a dslr so no way to add cool camera lenses.  Some day.  It turned out to be a really magical experience!



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