Saturday, July 21, 2012

Use Caution!

I was happily working on a nest today while sitting on the couch.  One of the wires was a bit on the short side so I was really trying to keep it taught.  I was pulling on it with a lot of force with my pliers and they slipped off the end.  I hit myself square in the eye and got a bit of a puffy cut.  I cracked myself hard enough that it was like being elbowed.  I know because I got quite a shiner being in the wrong place at the wrong time when I was young and my step brother and sister were fighting.  I was calmly sitting on the couch while they were pummeling each other as usual and got a major elbow to the eye.  So I was not even involved but yet I was the one holding peas on my face.

I stopped for a moment and felt my eye.  It was still there and my heart had stopped a moment.  I sat there and thanked whoever was looking out for me that I didn't do major damage.  I was pulling so hard I could've ended up with pliers impaled in my eyeball had it been a half inch closer.  I ended up with a puffy eye and cut right on the brow bone.  Scary stuff!  Now I know why they always say to use eye protection no matter what!

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