Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marketing Yourself Update

For those of you who have not read marketing yourself in print  please do!  It is really paying off.  As you know I am always very honest with my readers and I have not gained any sales from this...yet.  Tracking my views there is very low interest in regards to traffic thus far.  In fact the traffic to my shop was so low from this I was really quite disappointed.  Over a total of two days it was less than 20 total views from my area.

That being said I have made the front page of not one but two local papers!  I have something for my portfolio and I am developing a name for myself.  The happiness and excitement alone are huge to me.  Even if it didn't result in one sale I now own copies of my creations in bright vibrant color gracing the front page of two local newspapers.  I currently have a bunch of copies splayed all over the studio bookshelf.  That to me is a gigantic honor.  And one that will keep me smiling for a long time to come.  

There is another more spiritual element to this for me.  I guess that's a good way to explain it.  When you are doing something where you are essentially following your heart that takes years and no income there is an immense amount of faith needed.  I worked for 2.5 years on this without ever taking a single pay check all the while dumping what money I did have into the business.  And you will have many days where that faith will waver.  If you are on the right path you will get glimmers of shining light urging you to continue on.  Little breadcrumbs on the path of darkness if you will.  These signs are paramount to me.  They stand for something bigger than myself.  Something edging me to continue on.  In one word.  VALIDATION.

One of the most important things to remember is word of mouth holds a lot of weight.  So now when someone happens across a business card I've left in a local establishment or a customer shares with a friend where they bought a piece they may remember those printed articles.  Voila instant credibility.  There is a very real element to the fact that when you are recognized by a publication there is that thought that "well then it must be good".  You have been given the stamp of approval.

Also remember your online presence is extremely important in today's market.  Most papers are online  so you are getting an extra search engine boost as well!  You never know where that can take you or who might find it. And don't forget social media.  All the people out there sharing your story.  That was how I found out this morning.  My friend sitting next to me signed into facebook and said "hey did you see this?"  I had been tagged by another friend and customer who had attached the article.  Had she not shared it on her facebook I never would've known!  And you know how social media is.  Word carries fast!  

Front page part deux:

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