Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marketing Yourself in Print Follow Up

Periodically I will update you all on how things have turned out in regards to things I have tried.  I am not going to advise you to do things that haven't panned out for me.  If I can say "hey this worked for me" than I can suggest you try it and see how it works for you.  

So you might remember my article on Marketing Yourself In Print and perhaps you're wondering so how did that work out for ya?  I can't track all my customers knowing for sure where they came from unless I see a company email for instance.  So my first email blast resulted in a pretty large sale right off the bat.  That same customer came back and purchased again!  So right away a simple email paid off  big time.  I sent out additional emails to local papers, magazines etc. and that resulted in two interviews.  


I did have the chance to be featured in Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine as well but that fell through.  I was super disappointed but they decided to pass as they decided jewelry was not for them.  I thought it was a go and sent in the photos asked and patiently awaited but in the end it was a no go.  I hung my head for a short time but eagerly awaited other opportunities.  I have not yet seen my interviews surface but am hoping they will soon.  With articles it depends on what the editor wishes to publish so submitting reporters don't always get their articles run.

Remember just because you don't see immediate results does not mean the magic is not happening.  Continue to push forward.  You never know who you might reach in your search to be discovered!

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