Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To Make Handmade Earring Cards

I like to give a personal touch to my items whenever possible.  Lately it was really bothering me that my earrings were just kind've in the gift boxes with so much space surrounding them.  I pack them well but it just bothered me the way they were floating around in there.  So I decided to make some earring cards to put in them.  You can do it one of two ways.  You can do just one flat card or you can do cards that you fold in half to use at shows and displays and such.  I apologize for the photos as it's pretty dark here now.  But hey when the writing bug strikes I gotta get to it.

Step #1 would be to find a suitable template to use.  You will need one for business cards and you will need the tall version.  Avery has a few available online.  And you may choose to use the precut cards available as well.  Me I just use heavyweight card stock.  For measurement sake the folded ones don't need much formatting.  I used a bunch of different photos and variations to see how they came out.  Normally I'd use regular copy paper for samples but I wanted to show you what they would like look folded and such.

#2  Depending on the size of your box you may need to adjust your cards.  Business cards come in a standard size and if I simply printed them as is they would be too big.  So simply hitting enter a few times and putting the photo down further and the text up higher makes it easier.  So when you go to measure and cut them for the smaller size you won't be nipping any bits off.  This is where your samples come in too so you can see exactly how they'll fit in your box and what adjustments you need to do.  Are you photos too large and look weird with the earrings on it, are they up too high and your cutting them off?  You have the chance to edit before putting it on your good stock.

#2 With a paper cutter cut out your your cards.  I used scissors and let me tell you I cannot cut a straight line to save my life.  I cut like a drunk monkey.  So it's a must for me.

#3 Next you want to punch holes.  First, this part is very important, get the earrings you want to use and put them on the card to see where they fall.  You don't want to cover your logo.  Since some hang lower, some might be posts etc. it's nice to have different cards for each as you may need to adjust your cards.  But for sure your holes will be in different spots.  If you have a pair of big bauble earrings and you spaced them like I did here they might be too close together and not fit.  So be sure to measure for each set.  I made mine at 3/4 and 1 1/4.  I simply used a tack and a corrugated cardboard box to punch into.

And that's it!  It's really pretty simple once you play around a bit.  Use your first few sheets to muck around with different formatting and photos and sizes.  And these work well for business cards too.  For earrings only I will just use these instead of being wasteful and including a business card also.


  1. Okay, SUCH a creative way to display earrings. I wasn't this creative at a farmers market that I did once and I resorted to clothes-pinning them onto branches in a vase.
    It WOULD have been cool but it was super windy and EVERYTHING blew over.
    I wish I would have seen this before.

    1. LOL well if it makes you feel better you still would've had to weight them down with something. They would've took to the skies like tiny airplanes1

  2. What a great idea and such a beatiful way to display handmade jewelry. Love it!


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