Monday, July 16, 2012

From The Workbench

Lately I have been really itching to try a number of different things.  One of them being the leather wrap bracelets that are so popular.  The prices on most of these are relatively high and I will tell you it is for a reason.  I tried a few different methods creating the entire bracelet, taking it apart and starting over.  I completed one yesterday and wasn't so happy with the results. I tried again this morning finally settling on a method and was shocked to find the entire morning had come and gone and it was now lunchtime.  About five minutes in my first thought was I needed to get a bunch of teen age girls, some chips and pop, and put on a Justin Bieber movie and let them have at it.  Shaky hands from too much coffee and terrible eye sight are not the greatest combo for this.  Not to mention I have horrible lighting.  I remember being young and making friendship bracelets for everyone and their mother.  Oh yeah you remember safety pinning that bad boy to your jeans and just going to town for hours! 

Tedious doesn't even explain.  And this was a one wrap!  There are some as high as five with little teeny tiny beads.  The beads I used were 6mm. They look nice but it causes them to want to bulge which means lots of glue to keep them in place.  I am quite happy with the outcome but not quite perfect yet so I will keep at it.  In the meantime I have to do double time and get some other things done and listed in my shop now that the rain has dissipated and I have a bit of light again.  Overall I feel a genuine sense of accomplishment but I want to keep going and don't have the materials to do so.  I wanted to do this so bad it was keeping me up at night.  Next ones up are macrame beaded bracelets.

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  1. I think you did a lovely job, I really like the colors as well.


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