Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Weeks Interview - Bethie of Bethiefliestoo

This weeks interview is with Bethie of behiefliestoo.  She is the captain of the Createability Team on Etsy.  This is a team that I belong to for artists with disabilities and their caregivers.  Be sure to check out Bethie and her shop!  There are some really amazing artists with disabilities out there.  They are an inspiration to me. 

Tell me a little about yourself: 

 I’m Beth, known as Bethie of bethiefliestoo on Etsy. My Mother gave birth to me almost 44 years ago and what an interesting 4 decades it has been for both of us. I live in Texas with my 2 dogs, Nibbler and Lucy. Our friend Fred, who is a male of the human species lives with us. I don’t “work” outside of Etsy much. When I’m not creating things for my shop, I’m Captain of the Createability Team and Texas Friends Team… that is a couple of full time jobs… welcoming new members, saying good bye to members who for some reason or another decide not to be part of the team(s) anymore. I also maintain the Facebook pages for both teams. I tried also maintaining the blogs for both teams, but I’m picking my battles and I have great leaders who help in many areas.

What is your disability? 
My main disability is mild/moderate Cerebral Palsy. The combination of types of CP that I have affects movement and balance mostly on the left side of my body. I’ve also been diagnosed with arthritis and glaucoma… so that’s fun… not really.

How did you get started with your craft?

I started crafting for fun when I was very young, like pre-school. I dabbled in many mediums over the years. After 9/11 I started getting serious about my crafting and started learning about Art Dolls and Doll Making in general. I gave away many of my early dolls to a charity supporting homeless families. In 2004, I started selling my dolls online. In 2008 I joined Etsy and I added other items to my list of skills.

What are your favorite materials to work with? 
My favorite material and medium to work in is fabric. I’m a fabric addict. If it can be sewn or stitched, I’m trying it. I also like to work with Gimp Imaging software, creating banners and avatars and other images. Photography has also been a hobby of mine since I was very young and I got my first Kodak Instamatic Camera. One of these days, I’d love to have a fancy camera.
What inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of things, nature, my dogs, my friends and family. The people on my Teams inspire me a great deal. Just about anything I see or hear inspires me.

What do you enjoy doing in your off time?

On my off time I like to cuddle and snuggle with my dogs and spend time with my family and get out of the house.

What items in your store are your favorite and why? 

Aunt Shirley

Aunt Shirley. She was one of my first attempts at needle sculpture. Her twin sister, Aunt Catherine, was given to my niece as a gift the year the dolls were “born”.

Gingham And Satin Purse

The fabric for this bag was given to me by a former next door neighbor of mine who used these fabrics to make a formal gown for herself many years ago… fabric is considered vintage by Etsy standards.

Do you have any advice for other Etsy sellers?

My advice for Etsy sellers both newbie’s and veterans is to be patient. Take your time building your shop and your reputation and your brand. It won’t happen overnight. Take the best photos you can. Even though Etsy wants you to use all thirteen tags, if you cannot use them all use as many as you can. Don’t get all worked up about SEO and relevancy. It will come in time. One last bit of advice. If you join teams, participate in them; on their forums, their offsite outlets, etc. They are in existence to help you and you will get wonderful results on many levels by being a team player and learning from those on the teams you are on.
Where can we find you on the web:
It seems I’m all over the web these days:


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