Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sales, Abundance and Acting as If

In the past I have talked about selling, positive thinking and gratitude. First off I will share some of my scientific data in regards to the simple question "yeah but does it work?" I sat down to quickly figure out what my numbers were in regards to sales from this year compared to last year. The numbers are in! I have had a 900% increase. Yep you read that right 900%! So does it work? Heck yes!

Sales have slowed a bit this month as they have for many but I have noticed a few things in regards to my thoughts and actions that I would like to share. And this is where the acting as if comes in. ACT as IF you ARE busy. Even if you aren't.

    Honeyboo on Etsy

  • Something I noticed when things started to slow down is that I stopped packaging my items right away. Previously I would package them up as soon as I received an order. But as things slowed, my thought process was that things were slow and there was no rush. I would get to it later. I was saying "it's slow" and the universe would comply. By doing this I realized I was putting a temporary hold on more business. By packaging my items I was saying that those orders were complete and I would like more. I tested this a few times and indeed when I waited sales stopped and when I packaged they started up again.

  • Keep creating. It is hard to have faith that you aren't just going to make all these items and have them sit. But you have to have faith that by continuing to create even during the slow times that you are creating a surplus for when things get busy.

  • Keep believing. All you need is to get one big break. Get your items to the right people. Keep looking for ways to promote. Email 500 tv shows and magazines if you have to. Worst thing that happens is nothing. Use your slow time to be proactive.

Sharlza on Etsy

  • Continue to be grateful. Even if you're used to having 500 sales a day and you only get 1. Try very hard to focus on being grateful for that 1 sale. 
  • Envision it happening. On a day that was particularly slow I decided to go about things differently. I said to the universe "please provide me 7 unexpected sales today". I stressed "unexpected" and realized as soon as I said this I had no idea what it meant. I think it was a test to see if my positive thinking was working. And I sat with the thought. I did not focus on how this was going to occur but rather focused on going about the process in my head of packaging up the items and shipping them out. I actually had faith by the time I was done envisioning that it was actually going to happen. It was no longer a question of what if, but rather of when. I popped open my email and I waited. No longer than a minute went by and I received an email through my website from a prospective customer wishing to purchase directly. This had never happened before and it was indeed "unexpected". I was so beyond excited that this had come to fruition so quickly I could barely hold myself together. I only had one sale that day but that customer bought not 7 but 8 items!! The most any customer had bought at one time. And it was as if the extra was just a bonus letting me know that this really is real. That customer has turned out to be one of my best customers.

  •  Don't be afraid to fail!  Pay attention to what your customers want.  Don't try to simply sell what others are selling.  Have a product you think is great and you thought it would sell like hotcakes but people seem to like others?  Focus on what sells.  You may find that you end up going in a totally different direction.  Above all else you must have a product that people want. 

The power of positive thinking has been written about so many times in so many texts. The Secret is one of the most widely read but this has been written about dating all the way back to ancient times. I find the video of The Secret to be a great tool to watch whenever you need a pick me up or refresher. Being that it's on dvd you can jump to areas where you need help like money or relationships. Head up, chest out and believe it will happen!


  1. Such a great post! Thank you. :)

    1. Thanks for reading Shirley! Glad you liked it. :)

    2. Totally agree with postive thinking. Something that I need to work on:)

  2. Wow! This is really, truly inspiring! You have incredible insight and it's all so very true! I am so glad that Sarah posted this to FB so that I could read it. I have trouble with my Google account and don't always know what is going on with the blogs that I follow. I am tempted to print this and read it once a week. Thanks, Bonnie! Just what I needed!

    1. So glad you liked it Michele! As a I wrote in our team it's something I really struggle with. I think I am going to make a list of cds, books and videos I use to keep me on track. On days when things get bad just having a dvd or cd I can pop in and listen to or watch helps a lot!

  3. Great advice! I have found when I think positive and DO something, it really does make a difference! People feel your energy and passion and get excited about your products when you're excited about them.

    1. Thanks Rebecca and I totally agree. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do. When a client is happy I just get so excited!

  4. Bonnie, thank you for the excellent post. Much of what you have worded here I could feel but I never put it in words. The most amazing point to me is about becoming slow and making the world comply. I see this happening to other people and it is frightening. Nothing is happening... nothing works... but they did it to themselves. When things are slow in my life, I try to make as much upfront as I can. I will need all of that later. And there are always things to think of or to make.

    Thank you! And I am very happy to hear your sales increased that much.

    Mine are not bad - I got angry with myself and refurbished the shop. Actually I refurbished it three times within three days until I found the version I liked. There is still a huge scope for improvement, but I can already feel the difference, and it is a great incentive.

  5. I used to sell books on Amazon. Sold almost half a million dollars worth in one year. But the economy slowed down, my wholesalers started cherry picking the inventory and raised their wholesale prices while competing against me in the retail sector. Amazon's practices continued to chip away at profits. Cutthroat sellers started undercutting and driving prices down.

    On one hand, I was telling the universe I wanted to be rich, while on the other hand I was telling the universe how much I hated selling books. There was no choice left but to push me screaming and kicking out of that business, so I went bankrupt when the economy collapsed. What a blessing that was!

    Now I have to start all over with my jewelry and gemstone bead business, and I get so discouraged. One week I list jewelry on eBay and sell most of it. A few weeks later I list even more and sell none of it. One month my listing get seen on eBay and I sell a lot of beads. The next month hardly any. And good luck finding me on Google.

    I haven't made any jewelry in almost two months. I feel glum most of the time instead of anticipating greatness. I think it's time to get back into the studio and let the creative juices flow.

    Some great books on manifesting are:

    * The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward (a hard read but my personal favorite)
    * Three Magic Words by Uell S. Andersen
    * Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend
    * The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Linwood Howard

    1. I will definitely look into these books! I was driven out of the corporate world also and it has been a blessing. I considered Ebay last night but I'd have to really raise prices to deal with the chunk they take. While I am selling much more than in previous years my income for the year is still in single digits. Without my savings I'd be in big trouble, but that won't last me long. So a lot of faith is needed right now.

      Google is now charging for listings. That changed about a month ago. Etsy is now buying some of googles listings so a small share of etsy listings come up. Are you selling on etsy at all? I hear suppliers do very well on there. Jewelry on the other hand is a piranha pool.

      I too lost everything and had to start over from scratch. And doing so with an auto immune disease that has made a "real job" impossible. I had to make a lot of sacrifices but I am convinced it's all for a reason and the day will come when I look back and say remember when I had to struggle so hard? I hope that I can be a beacon of light for those who have gone through similar circumstances.

      I think positive thinking can be a roller coaster for all of us. I do really good for awhile and then I get in the dumps. It's a constant effort.

  6. I opened an account on Etsy, but I haven't listed anything. I'm not happy that they charge 20 cents per item plus their commission. It's not bad when have only one moderately priced item, but when you have 10 strands of rose quartz at $3, for example that 20 cents plus their commission really adds up. At least on eBay it's 50 cents no matter how many you list, but then they have a higher commission. But you can list 50 free auctions every month.

    I think I will have to pay Google for some advertising, because I have no back links to my store yet and no SEO juice. Nobody knows about me. I'm doing a lot on Facebook, a little on Twitter (which I just don't resonate with) and learning about Google+. I have yet to look into Pinterest. I feel pulled in so many directions.

    Yes, positive thinking really is a roller coaster ride. We live in such a culture of fear.

    You should check out some interviews on my health blog. I've interviewed quite a few people who have reversed autoimmune diseases. I myself have several food allergies that cause chronic pain when I cheat.

    I wish you great success. Your jewelry is lovely.

  7. I can say I get little from posting on pininterest, wanelo, my website, or my blog. I DO get views from facebook. I have an app that automatically uploads all my fb posts to my twitter. I don't understand twitter and it doesn't resonate for me either. And I also get very few views from it. So if I had to say if I were going to pick one, do facebook.

    I suppose you are right on the fees. Here is a fee calculator: My suggestion would be to raise your prices so that you are still getting the amount you need while accounting for your fees. :)

    1. Oh and I'll be checking out your site. Don't get me started on food allergies. I have a list. This initially started as an adrenal issue and morphed into additional autoimmune. Technically "primary adrenal insufficiency with secondary end organ failure and resulting automimmune disease". yay! Basically my body underwent severe stress and trauma for many years and eventually could fight no longer. I believe as I work through the trauma my body will continue to heal. It's been a long road.

  8. I agree. I'm most comfortable with Facebook, and I also automatically update Twitter. I need to blog more. I haven't done much there.

    My body fell apart as I entered menopause. I was severely vitamin D deficient, anemic, and probably deficient in B12. I've improved my health immensely since then, but I still have several food allergies. Eventually I'd like to do some NAET treatment to eliminate those.

  9. I did very well with b12 injections for a long time. Eventually everything got to be too much for my body. b12 and vitamin d both speed me up too much. Everything seems to effect my thyroid. It's very annoying.

    My allergies are totally out of hand but I live in a terribly polluted area. They all but disappear whenever I leave so I look forward to that. I have developed terrible asthma since I've been here as has my friend. He used to smoke and was a firefighter for 13 years and had no issues but after moving here developed asthma if that tells you anything.


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