Thursday, June 14, 2012

Opinions Needed

Well I've been considering another endeavor for quite some time.  I am just not sure how to go about it.  I would love to be able to open another shop with my photography.  However I don't know much about going about the process.  I decided to take a trial run and do some note cards.  I was hoping I would get them relatively quickly.  No such luck.  They took about two weeks and sadly the first set was damaged.  So I had to wait another two weeks for them to reship.  Not good.  I would need them shipped to me and then I would ship to the customer I suppose.  It would be far too expensive to preorder and chance ending up with hundreds of photos or notecards that people don't buy.  I thought they came out nice and obviously they are original photos, not something you could buy in any store because I personally took the photos. 

Shop owners understandably have done their own legwork so finding advice on how to run a shop for photos is hard.  And asking can many times result in offending another shop owner.  I'm not sure how you learn if you scour the net and can't come up with answers.  I've done a fair share research and came up with zilch.  Best I can do is try different companies and see how the photos come out and how quickly they get to me.  Professional grade photos are an absolute must.  I am used to such a fast turnaround time with my jewelry.  I normally ship 24-48 hrs after receiving the order. 

Printing from a home printer is not an option unless you have a professional grade printer which I would imagine would cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Not gonna happen.  There is nowhere local here either.  

So like I was saying I started with notecards. For me to be able to cover the cost and still have a profit I am looking at pricing about $4 a card plus shipping ($20 for a set of 5).  Would you pay this for original notecards if you were into that sort've thing?

They are so much better in person.  It was dark in the room when I took this.  They are a glossy finish, heavy card stock.  Very good quality.


  1. I might buy them if they are trendy and cute but then again, I am kind of cheap.

    Sorry, I hope this helps.

    1. I'm open to everyone's thoughts, so yes. :)

  2. Hey Bonnie,

    I would really recommend you join the Photographers of Etsy team and have a look through the forums there. If there's no thread with specifics for you, just ask, most people there are happy to give basic advice and help.

    Home printing is nowhere as expensive as it once was, we do all our small printing at home since we recently invested in a good quality photo printer and the quality is just as good as from a lab.

    Kel :)

  3. I cannot join Kel as I have to have a shop with at least ten photos. But I will definitely read!

    1. Maybe you could have a shop with digital downloadable files to start with? Then probably you could join the team and get at least some of the information you need.


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