Monday, May 21, 2012

An Update On Henry

Some of you wanted an update on Henry and his shiny new coat.  So I present to you Henry in his new home.  These photos are horrifically bad due to the fact it's very dark in this room and even with all the lights on it's no better than twilight.  

Henry lives on the penthouse level.  Here is it serene and peaceful.  His roommates are angel, mouse, lizard, Snoopy , frog and snail.

Also on this level are some rocks and crystals as well as a desert hare family.  All good neighbors.

Here are some mussel shells from our favorite restaurant, a butterfly I found in the yard,  coral and glass I found on the beach when I was home last, bees wax I found on a walk one day, and angels tears I was given as a gift.  The glass being most important as I found it when I was with my mom at the beach for  the last time.  Love you mom.

Now downstairs is a rowdy bunch.  Lots of light saber fighting, laser guns and such.  Henry had a hard enough time at sea and prefers a serene environment.

These guys also on the lower level always causing a commotion.  Destroying, stomping and generally carrying on.  Notice they are well far away from the butterfly.  We don't need any mothra reenactments going on thank you.  Below you will see Spiderman trying to keep them in line by kicking them through the glass.  

So as you can see Henry is shiny and happy in his new home. 

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