Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Market Yourself In Print

There are many ways out there to market yourself to get in print.  I think I have pretty much exhausted my efforts elsewhere.  I have done contests, giveaways, donated to various causes to have my items auctioned, craft sales, business cards to everyone, website, blog, facebook, twitter, wanelo, pininterest and even a few other similar sites. I've even paid for online ad's.  I've been featured on various blogs and articles online.  Number of hours virtually uncountable, number of sales slim to none.  No one prepares you for the sickening amount of time you will spend marketing yourself or the fact that it won't even be close to the amount that you actually spend at your art.  Time creating 30%, everything else 70%.  So if you think you're just going to whittle away at your craft and the sales will pour in, oh baby you're gonna have a shocker.


So finally there is the print and media campaign.  For me obviously I  tried everything else first.  It costs you nothing but your time.  Create an email that tells your prospective audience about your product.  Introduce yourself.  Keep it short and sweet and add links to your blog or website or wherever they can find more about your product and you.  If they want more info it's there for the finding and if not you haven't lost them with a long spammy email.  Find the time to make it specific to the person you are writing to.  Find out their name (usually available on their site) and cater it to them rather then sending a blanket email.  If you have an item that is specific to who you are writing to make sure to highlight that item.  For instance my birds nest to Birds and Bloom.  


If you've previously been featured somewhere this is a perfect chance to send out a press release letting the media outlets know about your good news.  I hear some of you muttering already, but I'm not good enough, my product isn't good enough.  If YOU don't think your product is good enough for whatever reason I would say get back to the drawing board and keep at it until you do.  If you can't stand behind your product you certainly cannot expect others to want to buy it.  Now don't confuse this with the fact that many artists get very nervous about people liking or being satisfied with their items.  Every time I send out an item I am on pins and needles waiting for a response from the buyer saying they are happy.  You have to know that what you are putting out there IS good.  You have to believe that.  This is one of the reasons I drive myself nutty with perfectionism.  There should be a balance but some of us (cough me) can take it too far and drive ourselves batty.


Now who to write to. ANYONE who could possibly be interested. Do a search online for local papers and magazines. Do you have a specific client base?  Like eco or wedding or gardening?  Look for opportunities in areas that cater to those specific interests.   Try to find info to contact people on tv.  Local news spots that feature hot items and such.  The worst thing that happens is they don't respond. The best thing is they say we love this product and thank you for contacting us. Newspapers and local magazines are a great opportunity. Do you belong to any clubs, or organizations that have newsletters? Many newspapers have lifestyle sections that love to feature local artists. Remember you are not a corporation. You are creating art and many of us are one person shows. Literally doing all the work of a company with our own little hands. From creating the craft, to marketing, packaging and everything in between. Give yourself a pat on the back. Many of us downplay how much work we put into out art when we should be thinking like Ron Burgundy " I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal." Now go get em!


  1. This is the perfect inspiration for Etsy sellers to not only take advantage of print marketing but also their local communities!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from the Etsy Blog Team :)

    -Tiffany @ Bath, Body, & Beauty
    Beauty Tips, Skincare, & More!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I think there are lots of opportunities especially for those of us in small towns.

  2. I've taken my own advice on this one so I will be sure to let you all know if anything comes of my efforts.


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