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Gratitude is something that as a society many of us forget about.  Sometimes we are so focused on the negatives we forget to be grateful for the positives.  And there is ALWAYS a positive.  Let me use when I lost my job as an example.  Due to down sizing as well as my illness I lost my job.  A job I busted my butt at.  And this was the fifth job in a row I lost due to a lay off.  It was also a very stressful job because of some of the people I worked with and the fact that I had a minimum two hour commute each day.  I took time to feel downright sorry for myself as well as to go into a full on panic at how in the heck I was going to get by at making 1/18th of my former salary.  I got through it.  I got a roommate and I was on unemployment for a nauseatingly long time.  

I ask you to sit down in a moment that you would normally be griping about something and complain silently in your head.  Notice the change in your body.  Perhaps your jaw clenches, your stomach knots, your shoulders start to tighten, perhaps your throat as well.  You may even bring on a headache or in severe cases a panic attack.

Now take that same situation and try to find positives.  It's not that you ignore the negatives but CHOOSE to focus on the positive.  Again notice the changes in your body.  Perhaps it begins to relax and to soften, your body becomes less rigid, you start to feel more "safe" less like you are defending yourself against some outside force out to destroy you.

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My unemployment was a perfect example.  I allowed myself times to feel sorry, to cry and sometimes things got away from me and I became terribly depressed.  But I would luckily find a way to reel myself back in.  I focused on the fact that I could wake up when I wanted (still the crack of dawn but that's me), I could leisurely eat breakfast, I had no work stress, I no longer had to deal with the commute or the people who drove me nuts.  I was receiving unemployment though very little money it was something and it allowed me to exist.  I had to fill in the gaps with savings but I couldn't have made it without it.  I no longer had that negative environment around me.  I could focus on my dream.  I could try a different road.  And I could allow my body greatly needed healing time.

There was a time in my life when things were downright about as bad as they could be.  I found myself almost unable to be thankful because there was nothing to be thankful for.  I couldn't' even say I was thankful for my health because I didn't even have that.  In those times I found myself saying simple thank yous.  Thank you for my breath, the food I had to eat, thank you for helping me get through the day.  I found as I was more thankful more good things came into my life.  They say your thoughts attract so the more you focus on negative the more of that you get and mutually with positives. 

In regards to sales it's pretty simple for me.  It just never gets old.  Every time I get a sale I feel like I've been given a gift.  Sometimes I sit in front of the computer and try to wish them into existence.  Constantly hitting the refresh button as if I'm playing the slots.  And when I hit I'm overjoyed.  I love giving gifts.  I'm one of those people that gets so excited I don't want to wait till the occasion.  It's like someone is paying me to give them a gift.  And when a customer relays how much they love something and how much it means to them, well I've cried more than once.  I never had anyone be truly grateful for anything I did in the corporate world no matter how magnificent.  It was just expected.  And it was empty and unsatisfying.  Creating and bringing someone happiness through that feeds my soul.  

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So try to take time to feel truly grateful.  To actually sit with it and feel it in your body.  Not just a simple acknowledgement that is almost a brush off but to actually feel it within.  Pay attention to the amount of attention you give to negative situations versus positive ones.  You may be surprised.  And for those who are born optimists, consider yourself lucky (I'm sure you do).  For the rest of us it's work to be aware of that internal voice, but work well worth it.

 Edited to add that while I wrote this I made a sale in my shop. Smiley face earrings. How's that for divine confirmation?


  1. Yes yes yes! This is how I manage to be, on the whole, HAPPIER than the average person despite dealing with a disability. Choosing gratitude is one of the greatest positive life-changing things a person can do.

  2. I totally agree Colleen. I think I was a born pessimist. It has taken me years to change the recordings in my head. I still struggle with it but it choosing to be happy is really a change for the better.

  3. I love that you sold your Smiley face ear rings while writing this. :)
    I also love your new found attitude, i am in the same place of changing those recordings in my head. It feels liberating to be abel to switch them off now, and put a differant record on, some thing more pleasent and upbuilding.

    Donna x

  4. I've been in the process for a number of years Maisy. It hasn't been easy for me as I've had a rather tragic life and that internal voice was LOUD. It would start first thing in the morning before I was even coherent. Before my feet ever even hit the ground it would start "ugh I don't feel good, and then it would run through all the different things I was head hurts, I'm sore etc." I would instantly start to tense and have this feeling of dread wash over me. For those of us who who have ingrained negative thought patterns it takes an ungodly amount of practice. I have read, watched videos, I listen to cds both awake and falling asleep. And so many times I just said this is not working! And then one day it was more gradual the voice wasn't as loud. I began to be able to recite a positive affirmation in my head before that naughty voice ever even got it's engine running each morning. But as I've said "No one does the work because they want to. No one wakes up and thinks I want to work on my stuff. It requires extreme dedication, internal work, acceptance, vigilance and healing. You work on your stuff when it becomes too painful NOT to".


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