Friday, May 25, 2012

Craftcount Virus

Just a heads up for readers who use that site.  I just visited this morning and before even clicking anything instantly had multiple trojan horse viruses.  My antivirus caught and quarantined a bunch but not all of them and it is wreaking it's havoc.  So lappie is off.  Not able to use system restore and not able to enter safe mode either.  Insert multiple expletives.  I have to restore again but it has disabled many of my restore options.  I have to wait for the techie to come home and he will likely be annoyed with me again.  :/


  1. Did you ever get this sorted out? I visited craftcount yesterday and got nailed with viruses as well. Norton says the site is safe, but the Geek Squad confirms the viruses came from that site.

  2. Well by sorted if you mean having to wipe my computer and reinstall everything from scratch then yes. Lol! I wonder if they are aware their site is infecting people. For me it was so obvious as the second I went onto the site boom! It was all over!

  3. I made them aware yesterday. The owner of the site is an Etsy shop owner from Singapore. The site is hosted in Malaysia, which is never good news anyway.

    It's not just you. It got me and lots of others apparently, if the thread I started the other day is any indication.

    1. I had posted about it on etsy initially but this is now months and months ago. I can't believe it's still going on!


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