Monday, May 14, 2012

Magpie Botanicals-A Review

I moved to the desert of Arizona about nine years ago now.  I also have an auto immune disease that affects the hormones in my body.  And like just about everyone with auto immune issues I am allergic to SO many things.  In particular synthetic chemicals.  This makes shopping for body products extremely frustrating.  Over the past five years my skin became that of an 80 year old woman. I still to this day don't know what caused this (medication, climate, lack of hormones, all of the above) but it became extremely dry and crepey and wrinkled.  I am 36.  The water in the town I live in is extremely harsh. It is terribly hard and very highly treated.  On most days it smells like a swimming pool.  To counteract this I have both a water softener and a shower head filter.  I have tried oils, lotions, moisturizing soaps, you name it.  Nothing helped.  And a few months ago I developed an unbearable itch.  I suppose just due to parched skin I would begin to itch myself raw especially at night when I was only half awake and therefor unable to stop myself.  I would also get itchies on my belly and would itch so terribly I would look as if I'd been attacked by feral cats with raised puffy scratches all over my abdomen.  I also had horribly cracked heels.  No amount of lotion or filing seemed to help.  This seemed to have something to do with the water here as my roommate also developed them.


A couple of months ago I was going through a particularly hard time and my friend Kit sent me a bar of soap to help ease my sadness.  She said it was infused with love.  And indeed it was.  I told her it felt like hugs.  I cannot explain it but I felt better every time I used her soap.  I was pet sitting at the time and so was frequently washing my hands at homes where there may have not been softened water and was using whatever soap was on hand.  At the end of the day I noticed an immediate difference from using the other soap with untreated water.  My hands hurt.  They were raw, red, cracked, and I began bleeding.  From the very first time I used Kit's soap I was amazed.  Many soaps strip skin of essential oils but Kit's soap actually infused oils into my hands leaving them incredibly soft.  It was almost like using lotion, but better!  I began using it in the shower and I could not believe how soft my skin was.  I remember touching it in disbelief.  I was so hooked on her soap that I began carrying it everywhere.  I cut it in pieces and had a piece for travel and then at the other sinks in my house and the shower. 

I got to try a number of her soaps.  The green tea soap was perfect for calming red inflamed skin.  I also got to try almond, lemon, orange, and goats milk.  My favorite ended up being the orange because it was incredibly hydrating but I absolutely loved each one.  All my itchiness went away, my dry cracked heels are now silky again and my skin is now baby soft.  I have only been using her soaps a few months and to date there is not a single beauty product that has blown me away as Kit's soaps have.  I am not exaggerating.  I said to her I never, EVER want to use anything else and I wasn't kidding.

Her soaps have very simple and natural ingredients such as almond oil, palm oil, coconut oil, essential oils, soybean oil etc.  Of course depending on which one you use.  Her ingredients are gentle even for the most sensitive skin.  I am the person who uses an item designed for sensitive skin and it feels like acid so if I say it's gentle that is a definite gold seal of approval.

I cannot recommend Kit's soaps enough.  So much so that if you know me personally I invite you to come to my home and wash your hands to give her soaps a try.  I am completely serious.  I was so worried about running out and not being able to receive my soap during the hot summer months that I placed my first bulk order of ten soaps.  Not only does Kit create a wonderful product but she is one of the sweetest people I know.

Kit just opened her shop and will be slowly adding new items.  So stay tuned!

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  1. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


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