Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feedback on Etsy

If you would like to skip to the how to simply scroll down to the colored font.

As an Etsy seller you know how important feedback is for your Etsy store.  It is the deciding factor for many buyers when considering whether or not to buy from you.  When you buy from a place like Etsy you aren't guaranteed a positive experience.  You are buying from individual sellers who all have different ways and rules for running their shops.  Positive feedback gives a buyer warm fuzzies and they feel as if they have made a good decision to buy from you.  Negative feedback in the same grain can cause would be buyers to run screaming from their computers in horror.  OK maybe that is a bit much but it can certainly send them off to a competitor. 

That being said I find that many of my buyers have never bought on Etsy before.  Some are downright nervous about buying for the first time.  They aren't sure how things work or how to navigate the site and Etsy is not always user friendly.  So time and time again I hear from shop owners saying "why aren't my customers leaving feedback?"  One they may not have ever been BACK to Etsy once they made their purchase or what I hear most frequently is they don't know how.  I almost never ask a buyer to leave feedback.  Frequently I will get an email or convo from the customer saying they are happy with their product and that is enough for me.  Rarely do those customers ever go back and leave actual feedback and I find it inappropriate to ask in most situations.

Ultimately feedback is optional for both buyer AND seller.  Many sellers will not leave feedback for customers until the customer leaves feedback first.  The transaction is not over for a seller until that customer is happy.  Sellers are held hostage by feedback.  I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard about a seller leaving positive feedback for a buyer thinking they purchased and paid so they did their part.  A little while later there is a horror situation where the buyer tries to scam the seller and turns around and cancels the paypal transaction and tries to keep the item or two months later says I don't want this after it's been used and wants a a full refund etc.  The buyer turns around and gives the seller who 100% did their job a negative feedback.  And there is no way for the seller to retract the positive feedback now.  As a seller you cannot see buyer feedback like you can on sellers.  So if previous stores have also had bad experiences with the same buyers you cannot even view it.  This is one of the things as a seller you deal with on Etsy.  Like any place on the internet scammers are prevalent.  I too learned this lesson early on.  Thank the heavens that 99.9% of my buyers are a joy.

So onward to how to leave feedback.  I will show you both signed in and not.  Click on the photos to see them a bit bigger and in better detail.

If you are already signed in simply hover over your account and there will be a drop down list.  Click on feedback. 

This will bring you to your feedback screen where you will see your purchases (and sales if you are a seller).  

Select your experience level and put in your comment (if you choose to leave one).  And hit submit.  I choose to do them individually.  Remember to do one at a time.  If you try to do multiples on this screen it won't work.  Batch (or multiple) feedback is more for stores that want to leave feedback for a lot of customers at once.  So if you are a buyer don't worry about that bit.  Once you have left feedback for as many items as you want that's it.  You're all done!

Now if you are not signed into Etsy. Sign in of course.

Sometimes a box will pop up saying you need to leave feedback, but a lot of times it doesn't.  So look for this if you don't get the pop up.  If you do get the pop up you can click on that.

If no pop up box shows, simply click the link that says "click here to leave feedback "  and then follow the above instructions for leaving feedback.  It sounds more complicated then it is really but I hope this step by step makes it easier. 


  1. This is a great blog post to link up to. Thanks so much for posting it.

  2. Thanks Sg. I frequently get customers asking how to do this and I realize for those who are new or don't frequent Etsy the process is not at all obvious. I thought this would be something that would be great to share.

  3. I think I may have to borrow this and link up to you, very clear instructions, Thanks!


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