Sunday, May 27, 2012

Butterflies at the Desert Botanical Garden

The spring butterfly exhibit is now closed at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, but it was glorious.  Hundreds of butterflies flutter through the pavilion.  It was very crowded the day I went and I plan on visiting again.  I recycled my pamphlet when I left not thinking it would be a great tool for my blog.  Remember to click to see the images larger!


  1. Oh, thank you so much for this post! We will be in Phoenix this week, and I MUST go to this; butterflies are probably my favorite subject to photograph, and I see some southern exotics that I'll otherwise never see in the wild.

  2. Thank you Colleen. Sonya I know there were a couple listed on the brochure they hadn't received yet. With the exception of the zebra and the orange one they were all pretty common (thought not here in the valley) but still a joy to see! I am hoping they will add a few more soon. We had crazy weather this weekend. Hail and tons of rain and I was unable to see them as it was closed. It is $3 in addition to general admission.


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