Friday, March 30, 2012

Beauty Review - Dolce and Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation

As you know currently I only give reviews on items that knock my socks off.  So until companies are knocking on my blog door to have me review products it's only my five star winners. 

 There are a few things in life that I am uber particular about that I am willing to spend money on.  One is my hair and the other is my skin.  And as I age I get even more particular.  A perfectly matching natural foundation is a must have for me.  There is nothing worse then heavy cakey maskey looking foundation!  Ever seen someone with the dreaded ring around the face or a hard line at the jaw?  Terrible orange looking foundation or someone trying to pull off a suntanned look with too dark foundation?  Please match your skin and use a bit of bronzer!  A good foundation should look like your skin only better.

A bit about my skin.  Aging (I'm 36), super dry and sensitive, prone to product breakouts, quite a few sunspots (you young sun worshipers are going to regret it down the line) and lots of redness and broken capillaries (thank you tanning beds).

So I have been on the search for my holy grail foundation for quite some time now.  I always go in for a match and bring home a sample.  I started doing this as there were so many failures I got tired of returning the items.  Get a sample when possible, that's why there are offered.

Thus far the best I found was Clea de Peau and I bought it on the spot.  This was a treat and I could not believe I was spending this much money on foundation.  I think I started to shake when I handed over my credit card.  Let's not even talk about what it cost.  While I loved this foundation when I put it on by the end of the day it had turned powdery and clung to every dry spot on my face.  In the morning I looked like a china doll and at the end of the day I looked worked!  Not cute.  The shade I settled on was a bit too light but the next shade was a tad too dark. It was a bit of double edged sword because while I wasn't 100% happy it still blew everything else out of the water. And by everything else I do mean literally pretty much everything else.  When I met with people I planned to meet them as close to application as possible.  LOL

I was really holding off on buying another because of the cost and because I was only about 70% happy with it.  And then Dolce and Gabbana introduced their perfect finish foundation.  I read great things about it  I really wanted to try it but to my sadness it's really hard to get.  One it's high demand and two it is only carried at select Saks and Harrods.  I tried contacting Saks online both through chat and email trying to get a match based on my current shade and it was a nightmare.  PLEASE do not do this to yourself!  If you can walk into one, lucky you.  The closest to me is in another state.  I finally ended up contacting the counter at the New York store and spoke with a lovely RA named Michelle. 

Saks Fifth Avenue
New York Flagship Store
611 Fifth Avenue (between 49th
& 50th Streets)
New York, NY 10022

Michelle did exactly what I expected her to do.  She went to the Clea de Peau counter and matched it with my current shade.  I told her this was a bit light for me and I had yellow undertones.  She called me back and let me know she had chosen "creamy" and I paid over the phone.  I would've guessed "bisque" which was actually much lighter than my current shade and would've had to be returned.  The shade is spot on.

They offer 15 shades with a 15 spf.

You can layer this foundation so you can achieve either a very light natural or flawless application.  However even with additional layers it still looks and feels completely natural.  It doesn't feel like you have a ton of makeup sitting on your face.  It is hydrating and feels like a whisper on the skin.  This is the only way I can explain it.  It is so lightweight it feels like you have nothing on.  When I touched my skin it was baby soft.  It dried instead of staying moist and tacky like many foundations.  I found that it was not rubbing off on every possibly surface.  Being that my skin is already dryer than the Sahara no matter what I use I do not set with powder.  Using a powder dries my skin more and seems to accentuate lines on my face I didn't know I had.  No powder needed for me.

I prefer to use a stiple brush for foundation as it creates a smooth airbrushed finish.

 For application you need only the tiniest amount.  Yes it's expensive but it will last.  I have to use ten times the amount with inferior brands.  While the jar is very elegant it's very heavy.  I wish I was exaggerating but it weighs almost a pound. 9.3 ounces to exact.  And it's glass as you would expect so if you're clumsy please be careful.  I'm not big on jars for hygiene reasons.  Also it makes it easy to spill.  If you plan on taking this with you out on the town it will be like carrying a rock.  Also it leaks out the sides so expect a mess on the bottom of your purse.  I would transfer a small bit using the provided spatula into another small container for toting.

I found with many previous foundations my skin would be flaky at night when I removed them as if it had sucked the moisture right out of my skin. When I removed the D&G my skin was still hydrated.  No tightness no flake.  And 10 hours later it still looked great.  I touch my face quite a lot (bad habit) and by the end of the day I would've still been happily seen in public.  It did not sink into lines or pores.  It blended right into the skin and left a flawless finish. 

It retails for $66 per oz. but like I said this should last you a good bit.  Please do not try to use the color chart.  Everything looks like a shade of wood putty.  If you have to, go to the D&G site here.  However I highly suggest calling the Saks counter direct if you cannot go in and get matched.


  1. Thanks for sharing this insight I now feel like I not only learned something, but a little bit more confidant about make up. I'm kinda a nube at it.


  2. Thanks Mo! I am no pro by far. I never wear eye shadow or eye liner or anything like that. Even my lips are usually just a pink liner and some lip balm or lip tint. My makeup is natural, essentially trying to look as if I don't have makeup on.

  3. Is creamy a pink Or yellow base? Im a nw 20.

    1. Shanajp I have yellow undertones but they offer a wide range.


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