Friday, February 3, 2012

Skin By Brittney

As you all know when I receive a service or an item that I am absolutely wowwed by I just have to give my kudos.  Brittney White my aesthetician hands down has given me some of the best service to date.  

I have gotten to the point in my life where I decided I wanted to do some nice things for myself.  Facials, massages and similar treats were always something I would do "when I had the money".  Well that day just never seemed to come.  An occasional cheap pedi in a loud strip mall where all I ever allowed myself.  I have tried to embrace the power of positive thinking and if I was always thinking "when I have the money" then when is always sometime in the future.  So I never got there.  I needed to start allowing myself some treats now and having faith that means would come.  This does not mean willy nilly spending your rent money on something frivolous.  This was something I made the decision I would allow myself because quite frankly I needed it and I deserved it!

I have been given gift certificates for massage and facials as gifts through the years and even once allowed myself a massage at the Aji Spa a four diamond resort.  We won't even talk about how much that was.  And nothing has compared to my sessions with Brittney.

I have terribly sensitive, dry, sun damaged skin.  And I'm not getting any younger.  I have a lot of broken capillaries which require someone who really knows their trade to not create more damage.  It is imperative that the right products are used on me.  Having had some past bad experiences I was scared to try again.  The dry parched desert along with the terribly hard water of Maricopa have left my skin in some need of major TLC.  Despite a water softener, filters, and quality skin care I found my skin dull, dry and lackluster.  After my sessions I would have to correct myself not to touch because my skin is so soft I can't help it.  I was told the other day I looked like "a doll" my skin looked so perfect.  Wow, it's been eons since I heard that.  Brittney can only do so much, she's not a magician so yes I still have to perform some makeup magic to get that look.

Brittney works out of Leidan Mitchell salon in Chandler.  Upon meeting Brittney there is no other way to describe her besides bubbly.  She just exudes happiness.  She has this wonderful soothing yet happy energy about her.  All smiles and professionalism.  She literally glows!  This is the lovely Brittney:

Upon walking through the huge rustic doors of Leidan Mitchell there is a sort've old world Santa Fe charm going on.  There is the expected hustle and bustle of hairdressers and nail techs going on.  Led into the back of the salon you come upon the spa area.  A sign reminds you gently to hush as there is relaxing going on back there (not in those words).  Walking into Brittney's room you are greeted by the scent of what reminds me of a kitchen at Christmas.  You'd think someone was baking cookies in there.  It is dimly lit with a small chandelier overhanging the spa bed and candle lights around the room.  Soft music plays in the background.  I personally have a thing about relaxation music.  Some of it can actually be distracting and Brittney's choices are perfect.  Most recently I was greeted by the twitter of birds which is always a favorite for me.  

Brittney talks to you for a bit and explains what will go on during the session instructing you to get into your spa gown and lie down.  Once in your gown (I would imagine men don't need one) you get into your little bed.  Layers of blankets, padding and sheets are beneath you heated with heating pads so you get that nice ahhhh feeling as soon as you lay down.  You pull the amazingly soft and luxurious blankets over top and are ready to go to sleep...I mean ready for your session.

This is Brittney in her room:

Every persons experience is different as there are so many services to choose from.  The first time I went I had a custom facial which consisted of some brightening and enzymes and hydration and such.  The second time a no downtime peel (no stinging or burning experienced) and some tightening and firming.  Brittney uses Jan Marini and Rhonda Allison and I'm sure some others I don't know about.  Every lotion and potion is a delight for the senses.  No perfumey heavy chemical laden scents here.  The entire experience is divine.  This is not a sterile doctor like environment.  Brittney makes gentle touches on your face before applying and removing.  So you never jump because you're not realizing something is about to be put on or taken off.  Each application or removal is a new and relaxing sensation whether she be using her fingertips, a brush or a warm towel.  Warm mist kissing your face, a gentle spritz of this and that like a soft rain .  While your treatments sit you are further lulled into relaxation by Brittney massaging your feet, hands, arms, chest, shoulders, and neck.  You may even fall asleep.  The only downside to the experience comes at the end when Brittney whispers to you that the session is over.  You really do want it to go on forever.

I cannot suggest Brittney highly enough.  It is so clear that she truly has passion for what she does.  This is not just a job for her and it comes through in her services.   Even if you only go one time as a special treat I promise you will not be disappointed!  Mention me (Bonnie DeVoe) and we will both receive 20% off.  That is not why I write the review, that is simply an added bonus.

You can easily make appointments online or you can call.  You can even text Brittney or message her on Facebook! 

Brittney can be found online at:

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