Monday, February 20, 2012

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop Review

I normally only have the best of the best on reviews, but congratulations to Shark for getting me to create an entirely new list.  The Lemon List.  Shark has won my biggest piece of crap I have ever used award.  I had read many reviews that raved about this product.  Are these paid reviews?  I'd have to think so after the experience I had.  This steam mop was by far the worst most useless product ever.   Which is a disappointment because I used their Portable Pro Steamer for years and it was great.  

This thing did basically nothing.  I take that back.  It did accomplish wasting a lot of my time using it, buying it, having to return it, and now having to use a bucket and mop to wash the floor.  I have tile floor which I ran the steamer over and over at a snails pace and the grout never even got wet.  The steam is so weak even on high and letting the steamer sit it was not hot enough to steam a piece of spinach off the floor I had dropped this morning.  First and second setting produced basically nothing but a very uneven pass over the floor.  I actually held my hand right up to the steamer and it was similar to holding my hand over a cup of hot tea.  I got halfway through the house and noticed the bonnet was barely dirty.  In the past I have gone through THREE bonnets before even getting out of my living room.  What it did accomplish was smearing dirt all over the floor.  I went over the kitchen floor three times and still the dirt sits though now it looks much worse then when I started.  I will now have to go over the whole floor with a mop and bucket and this goes back to Bed Bath and Beyond.  If any of you have had luck with a GOOD floor steamer I'd love to hear it.


  1. Oh no, I hate it when they just get the dirt wet and smear it around. I like my aqua laser steam mop, it does a good job on my lino kitchen floor.
    How about the shark steam pocket, is that any good I love the idea of steam cleaning every single surface in my house. Its probably too good to be true, I have bought too many lemons lately and its really starting to hurt.

  2. That was what this one was Sarah, the steam pocket mop. I've seen some others in a magazine I got but they are thousands of dollars. That won't work. There was an older one that was a canister one that you could clean everything with and that one actually worked really well.


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