Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun With Black White and Color on Paintshop

This is so fun and easy!  For those of you wondering how to do it:

This is for Paintshop Pro

1. Open your photo

2.  Zoom in on the portion you want in color.  Select the freehand selection tool on the right and use it to select whichever part of the photo you want to be in color.  If there is more than one simply hold down shift while selecting each additional area.

3.  Go to selections>invert.  There will now be a box around the whole photo.

4.  Go to effects>photo effects>black and white film

5.  Done.  You can go back to selections>invert to be back to the colored portion.  If you would like to change the colors or make them more saturated go to adjust>hue and saturation and you can play around with your colors.




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