Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Story of Henry

Henry is my pet lobster.  He is very docile and quiet.  He doesn't pinch or bite.  However this is probably due to the fact that Henry is no longer "with us in spirit".  While my visit home to RI this past year was pretty much a bust in regards to seaglass except for a few pieces, I did find Charlize Theron (click on the linky to read the story), and I found Henry.  I was more excited about Henry because I could take him home!  I saw him washed up on 2nd beach in Middletown.  I carefully picked him up and inspected him and he was in very good condition except for one missing claw and a bit of antenna.  This is what is known as a cull. I was so excited I actually started to look around expecting someone to claim him or something. 

I had walked all the way to the end of the beach which is the Sanctuary part belonging to the local Wildlife Refuge.  I had to now walk all the way to the other end with Henry in hand.  The wind was so strong I was literally putting my weight full force into the wind all the way back to the other end.  We had a lot of hurricanes out to sea that month.  It was great for finding all kinds of fun stuff.  I even saw entire trees washed up!  I fought my way back to the car.  Had the wind let up I would've fallen on my face.  I had to carefully cup Henry in my hands the whole time so he wouldn't blow away.  As you can imagine he weighs nothing.  He was too fragile to put in my pocket without losing a limb.  

When I got back to Dad's I rinsed him off VERY carefully to get all the sand out of his bits and pieces.  Then I put Henry in the window to bask in the sun for a couple weeks.  This way he would get dry and be less stinky.  He was such a tiny guy that he didn't have much meat to begin with so he didn't have much sea smell.  Once Henry had enough sun Dad took him to work to preserve him.  He dipped him in a coat of clear shellaq and got a tiny plastic box for him.  He dried for the day and was a little tacky and stinky when he came home.  So back into the window he went to dry more and air out his chemical smell. Henry and I traveled around to friends and family so they could oooh and ahhh and revel in his tiny magnificence.

This is Henry in all his glory before he had his "procedure" done.  Note his beautiful copper tinted shell.  Do not salivate or lick your lips.  Henry is not for eating, he is for admiring.


  1. Haha - this story made me laugh, probably because I love that someone else would think to do something like this besides me. He's so tiiiiny!

    Be sure and post photos of preserved Henry with his glossy protective finish :).

  2. I will Sonya. Yes it's always nice to know we are not alone in our eccentricities. LOL Some friends of mine sent me some sand and sea glass from their tropical vacation and I was going to have Henry do some modeling.


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