Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cat Mouse Odor Eliminator Review

Once in awhile when I am particularly impressed by a product I will give a review.  So here's my latest.

If you have cats then you will thoroughly appreciate this.  I have two cats and they share a box.  Litter is disgusting and I really don't want boxes all over the house.  That being said they have probably the biggest litter box made and it is inside a hall closet.  I kid you not this thing is like a child's sand box.  There was a time that I cleaned it almost every time they went.  But they are spoiled enough as it is so now I do it once a day.  

I am very particular about what I use.  I use a natural clumping clay litter with lemongrass.  To be honest I don't smell the lemongrass.  I don't like to use heavily fragranced or synthetic products because they are not good for cats.  The dust gets in the lungs and the litter gets on the feet and thus into the tummy and intestinal tract.  This can cause all sorts of issues.  I am also very sensitive to dust and fragrance myself.  I actually wear a dust mask when I clean the litter which is quite a sight.

I have tried everything to get rid of offensive odors especially after a #2.  Pew! There is nothing worse than walking into someones house and being smacked in the face with litter stink.  Kicking up all the dust after changing the litter caused the scent to linger.  I tried all different kinds of natural sprays, different litters, baking soda, air filters.  Nothing worked.  Then just recently in my search on the internet I found cat mouse.  It had really good reviews but quite frankly seemed to good to be true.  What I can tell you is that it is NOT to good to be true, it really works!  I went to a local store and bought it and figured the worst thing that happens is it doesn't work and I bring it back.

I brought it home and hooked it up in the hallway across from the box (about two feet).  It would be best installed right over it but it is electrical and I have no outlets in there.  I turned it on and within minutes the smell was gone and replaced by a sweet fresh smell. 

I thought that I might be experiencing some sort've placebo effect and convincing myself it was working.  So the following day after a particularly ripe deposit I put the machine on again.  I normally would scoop out the offender but I left it and came back 20 minutes later.  The smell was completely gone and did not come back when I turned off the unit.  Some people run it all the time but I only turn it on when it gets stinky.  There is a low, high and turbo and I just put it on turbo for a few minutes, come back and there is a lovely sweet smell left behind.

I have read that for some people the fan stopped working after awhile.  I do not know if these people were cleaning the unit properly.  There are no filters just an ion emitter that needs to be cleaned.  It is only a little unit and I can imagine if you ran it non stop it might not last.  I cannot speak for the longevity of the product as it is new to me.  It can be used around ANY stinky area not just litter boxes.  It is said to kill odors, bacteria, germs, viruses, mold, mildew and more. I paid $29.99 and in my opinion is well worth it.

Check out their site for more info.  It tells you more than you could ever possibly want to know.  Very informative!

An update:  I now have TWO of these.  They now make a newer version in a lovely pearl color.  I have toted them around the house for different stinky offensive odors.  When something in the trash smells really bad I take the trash out and then put the catmouse in the bin and close the top.  A few minutes later, voila smell gone.  I cannot say enough good about catmouse!


I receive no compensation and have no contact with companies or products I have reviewed.  Just real advice from a real person.


  1. That sounds a great idea - but would it be available here in the UK, do you think? A daughter has 3 cats, and although there is not much of a small whenever I'm in the house, pretty sure they might be interested anyway, because they are trying to sell their home and it could help to achieve the desired result.

    Cheers. Isobel

  2. Isobel that is a good question. I am not really sure. I know big companies like Petsmart carry them but I don't know if they ship internationally. I bet if you contacted the company they could tell you.

  3. THIS!
    I've been using one of these for several months. It is the best thing known to the Cat Owner... and is great around smokers/smoking rooms, trash bins - particularly the kitchen, or in bathrooms, or anywhere else any odors are. It's basically a mini Ionic Breeze, if you remember those from Sharper Image.

    It's longevity is fantastic - depending on the odor level, you only have to clean it every other week if it's on "Boost", every three weeks on "High" and every month on "Low". I keep mine on "High" and clean them every other week anyway.

    We have three cats, and two litter box locations, and have one of these at each one - and when people come in, they can't tell we have a cat, let alone two females and a male!

    I got mine at Petsmart for $25~ish. No more fragrances or litter deodorizer or fancy sprays!

  4. I do remember those Kalla. I think I even had one back then. Great to hear they are lasting for you. I forgot to mention that they do come with an additional ion emitter. This definitely goes down in my book as "a life changing purchase".

  5. Thanks for writing this bonnie. I really appreciate reading about a device from someone that actually uses it and doesn't get paid to brag about it. I will definitely go and check this out next time we are at petsmart.


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