Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Gift of Bellina

I was thinking today how happy it makes me when someone buys one of my pieces.  I always imagine them receiving the item and hoping they are delighted.  I will frequently get feedback from the customer that I will read over and over.  I will find myself grinning ear to ear.  It is a very special feeling to know that something you created has provided happiness for another. 

Many people would view jewelry as just a material object.  And in some cases it is.  Many items are mass produced, put together by machines or hastily whipped together in sweat shops.  My methods are vastly different.  I infuse each item with love.  I believe that items hold energy and when I joyfully create a piece for another I believe that energy is carried within the item.  While I am creating I imagine the item being worn and admired.  I try to never create an item when I am in a bad mood.  If I am getting frustrated because of a difficult piece I put it down and return to it later.

This apatite bracelet is the perfect example.  I choose only supplies I am drawn to.  Be it for their color or texture or just something I may feel when I pick up the item and inspect it.  I never pick an item based on how quickly I can put together the end product.  For some it is just a form of income.  For me it is an art.  This apetite is exquisite.  I admire the sparkle inside the gems, the beautiful blue greens, aquas and teals.  The soft smooth surface.  

I photographed the nuggets themselves to show the would be buyer the beauty of the stone by itself.


Each stone is inspected for chips or significant cracks or large imperfections.  Any that contain these are put off to the side not to be included in any of my pieces.  I create the piece examining how each stone fits next to the other.  Then once complete I begin photographing.  I spend a long time admiring the piece, getting the right light, and showing all facets of the piece.

Since I photograph on a macro setting many times I will see "flaws" that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  I have more times than I can count gone back and completely recreated a piece.

Once a customer has bought the piece it is carefully packaged so it will not be damaged in the mail.  Depending on the fragility that may mean bubble wrap inside the gift box or colored or printed tissue paper.  They are boxed up and completed with ribbon, business cards and more bubble wrap. 

This is my process of creating and you can't buy that in a big box shop!  Thank you for giving the gift of Bellina.


  1. That's a stone that I've not come across before, and it's very pretty. I share you delight in the thought of the pleasure I hope my customers' enjoy when getting my toys. Nothing can beat it, can it - except, maybe, hearing from other crafters when they visit my blog. It can be found at and its where I post about how I make, mend or otherwise create the toys I then try to sell at Please call round sometime, and then, maybe follow us?

    I saw you on the Etsy Blog Team site by the way, and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

  2. This creative process was fascinating to read. Thanks for sharing! The photos are really really capture the ethereal quality of the specific stones you featured in this post.


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