Monday, June 25, 2012

From The Workbench

I really enjoy nature.  One of my favorite things is to go out walking and just take in my surroundings.  I frequently find nests sometimes with empty eggs.  I am always inspired by the great outdoors.  

I first started making birds nests years ago before I ever started selling on the internet. Believe it or not I thought this was an original thought and was quite proud of myself. They got many compliments, but then came the dreaded day I found them online. With a heavy heart I decided to put them aside. But clients have continued to admire these little nests so I again started making them.  I try to imagine a bird building a nest while I make them.  Each one is different with intricate weaving and little spiral twiglets.  Here are some of the nests I have found and some I have made.  You can find all my nests by click on the link here:  Bellina's Nests



  1. How unique. I love the copper one. I'm going to check out your etsy shop.

  2. Thanks daydream! I just checked yours out as well. I love your swan fountain.

  3. You have lovely designs!! I really like this one :)


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