Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Discover-Mr. Frank

Every so often I come across a shop in my search on Etsy and I gasp in shock that they are seemingly "undiscovered".  I came across one of these today and decided I needed to start to share these shops with the world.  Etsy can be very difficult to navigate in terms of getting seen.  I come across some absolutely exquisite craftsmanship and am simply astonished at the low hearts and sales clearly due to the fact that are not being seen by enough people.

Today I came across Mr. Frank. He is a decorative decoy carver. And his work is absolutely breathtaking. The intricacy that goes into this type of hand carving is truly to be admired.  Look at the attention to detail, it's amazing. And only 26 hearts! Please show Mr. Frank some Etsy love!

Please take the time to visit Mr. Frank at his website or at his etsy shop


  1. Those are gorgeous. Great find!

  2. Wow, those are amazing... they look so real! What a great find! =)

  3. Amazing! I totally agree about the unfound artists on Etsy. I am astonished nearly everyday by something that I have found.


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