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Interview with Model Amber

Today I am writing about the lovely Amber who beautifully models my jewelry.  Also to introduce many to an unknown option for getting their items modeled.  My friend Aidille introduced me to boutique modeling.  Models pay a listing fee to a listing service who handles correspondence and bookings through their partners.  The partners are the boutiques.  There is no fee for a boutique to use such a service.  The service generally provides some sort've listing via their website, sometimes they have print materials, promos etc.  

Corresponding with the company you decide which models you would like to use, what type of set up (ie. clothing, setting etc.), and you mail your items off to the model to await your photographs.  In general the payment to the model is in the form of the item that they are modeling.  If you choose to have the item returned you must pay for return shipping and compensate them either through cash or another agreed upon item.

These type of companies range in professionalism.  I do not work with models who submit amateur photos. After all I work with a boutique company because I am looking for professional quality photos.  When I first encountered Amber I said to myself what's the catch?  I was a shocked that I could work with such a stunning model with such exquisite photography and my only payment was the time and supply put into the pieces she keeps.  But this is one time when what seems to good to be true really isn't.  Time and time again I have received gorgeous photos of Amber.  

But as a boutique partner you must do your due diligence.  Look at portfolios and see the photos the model you are considering has submitted to other companies.  Do they always work with the same photographer? What is the photographer like?  Have you looked at their work?  For me Amber was by far the best choice.  Not only did I think Amber was lovely but Alena Fears of Fears Photography is spot on what I was looking for when it came to the quality and composition of the photos.  I'm always wowed by the photographs I see come through her site.

Many of these boutiques are mostly child models.  Finding adult models as I have found is quite difficult.  Amber for me was the perfect fit.

Normally boutique companies do not have direct contact with their models. However the company I signed on with has been sold and I now work with Amber privately based on our professional history together. This should be the exception rather than the rule for most. A boutique company acts as an in between providing a professional service to both the partner and model. This encourages professional handling to ensure you get quality photos in a timely manner as well as providing a service to the listing model. That being said this is a rare opportunity to get to know the model.

Amber tell me a little about yourself : 

I am currently 23 years old and reside in Memphis TN with my husband Michael and our 2 year old daughter Lillix. I am 5'4, 135-140 lbs ,depending on how I ate that day, Sandy blond/light brown hair, fair skin, and gorgeous green eyes. I have been a stay at home mom for 2 years and yes sometimes it drives me crazy but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

How did you get started modeling? 

I got started in modeling through my daughter Lillix. Of course my parents thought Lillix could/should be the next Gerber Baby and started looking into pageants and agencies when she was 4 months old. While we got deeper into pageantry our friends started telling us about on-line boutique modeling. Quickly my mother was trying to research everything possible and found that a lot of the boutiques got clients from these "  Services"   on  Facebook. We immediately signed Lillix up and shortly after they started accepting Adult/Mommy Models. I knew I should try because I ALWAYS wanted to be a model. I also knew I didn't have much to lose for such an awesome opportunity. Now I have been modeling for a year and love everything about it. Not only does it bring Lillix and I together but Me and my Mom closer as well. It's like a 3 generation get-together every photo shoot.

How did you meet your photographer?

I met my photographer, Alena Fears with Fears Photography, through my Aunt Patricia, who had hired her to shoot maternity pictures of my Cousin Kristi.  The photos were so good they literally made you cry, so of course we hired her for Lillix's 1st Birthday party. When we got the photos back from that day, we were amazed at how well she captured Lillix and life itself. From there on out we knew Alena would be our Professional Photographer. She does it all from Weddings, Birthdays, Portraits/ Family Portraits, Seniors, and Ceremonies, even some Artistic shoots.

What was your favorite shoot?

One of my favorite shoots ever, was when Alena came to Memphis and we glued a bag of stones to me. It probably wasn't one of our best shoots but definitely one of the funnest. From the wild make-up to the feather boa was a blast. The best thing is you probably would never be able to tell but the whole thing was shot in my garage and daughters bathroom. LOL

 What do you like about boutique modeling?

What I like most about Boutique modeling is the things you get. From the clothes, which I do wear out after I model them, to the hand-made jewelry. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE anything hand-made. I feel when someone hand makes something they put a little of themselves in it, I treasure that. I get to wear someones Blood, Sweat, and Tears, well maybe not all that but definitely their hard work and time.

Do you do any other type of modeling, print work, ad work etc.?

I have done a few prints and been on a couple websites as their main ad. I have also been in a commercial for "  Cash For Gold"     that aired mainly in the South. I recently tried out for my first movie role, but sadly didn't get it. I do plan on doing tons more in the future with my career and cant wait for it to take off running! 

What do you like to do for fun?

When I have down time or fun time I try to spend as much of it as possible with my daughter and husband. We enjoy going to Shelby Farms with our dog Dasia and watching her run and swim around the park. My husband and I also enjoy Bike Night, which is every Wednesday. You jump on the motorcycle and ride it Down Town to check out all the other bikes. I also like to bowl, I'm not very good at it but enjoy doing it. In between all this I might even throw in a few video games.

How can perspective companies contact you for modeling? 

When people or future employers are trying to book me to model, you can contact Tina Andrade on Facebook. If you are listed with Ellie Bean as a boutique you can also hire me through them.

Click on the links below to book Amber now and tell them Bellina Creations sent you!

Contact Amber's Manager

Ellie Bean and Models 

And don't forget to like Amber on Facebook!

Amber's Modeling Page


  1. Loved this article! The pictures, the model and the jewelry are beautiful!

  2. Thank you Leslye. I feel very fortunate to have found Amber.

  3. pretty model, I love the first pic!
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