Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Day At The Beach

A day on the beaches of RI.


  1. Fantastic photos - I think my favorite is the first one with the gull and sandpiper (?).

    On a technical note, you might consider putting a copyright stamp on your photos, because, unfortunately, people will use them without your permission...not that this will stop them, but at least it's got your name visible that may help deter unauthorized use. I see the stats of what is downloaded off my blog, and it's just about every photo I post, both photography and artwork.

    I use a free resizing and watermarking program called "Downsize" for all my blog images. It's faster and easier to use than PS since that's all it does and it doesn't affect the originals at all.

  2. Thanks Sonya! I was watermarking them prior but it really takes away from the photo. And it's still so easy to remove a watermark. I may use them for print at some point and I would hate to have to go after people. I'll definitely look into the downsize program. It is a pain using PS for every photo. I will go back and watermark them just in case.

  3. Lovely! Send me some sand and sea air, please?

  4. Fantastic photos! You even made seaweed look pretty! :)

  5. Thank you both. Kit I would love to. I have spent every single day walking on the beach or coastline. I am trying to get as much in as possible.

    Sib my intention was to try to find beauty in things we see on the beach all the time. To try to provide a different way of looking at them. Growing up a sea weedy beach was a day ruined.


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