Thursday, January 12, 2012

Charlize Theron and Sea Glass

An update on Charlize.  It turns out that she was shooting Vogue when I saw her.  How cool is that?  The portion where she is in the water among the rocks is when I saw her.  I tell you she is a trooper.  It was a typical New England day during the hurricane season last September and it was COLD!  Now I know why everyone was so young, sylph and beautiful.  Hah!  My story below...

Vogue Video

So you might be asking yourself what does Charlize Theron have to do with sea glass? That I know of? Nothing directly. But today when I went to my normal hunting grounds I was surprised to find a normally vacant street filled with trailers, caterers, cars from New York and lots of equipment. There were many fresh faced early twenty somethings scuttling about in galoshes touting wardrobe and equipment around. Most of the men were emoish. Everyone was quite waif and good looking without makeup. Some men in black suits who appeared to be body guards were standing off to the side. And there was a police officer patrolling. I thought for sure I would be shooed away, but no. I went on about my business and made my way down to my spot. I found only one lone clear piece of glass. So I decided to go for a walk instead. I made my way to the right of the cliffs that dot the coast line. This is a rugged terrain with very small inlets here and there. I made my way down to the beach and turned around and came back to the same spot I had started. I didn't feel properly exercised so I continued in the other direction. As I made my way to the top of the cliff I started to see a caravan of people making their way up. There is only one small trail and there were about fifty or so people approaching. Arms filled with generators, scuba gear and such. I could see a tent on the beach below. As I said this is very rocky terrain and you could easily fall to your death. Whoever decided on galoshes for these people hopefully had a lot of insurance. Many didn't even have a hand free. So I politely stood off to the side so they could get by, but really I didn't have much room to go anywhere.

I am not a celebrity hound type. I don't read tabloids or keep up to date on the comings or goings. I don't scream or pass out or go to any lengths to get autographs. In fact if and when I do see a celebrity I try to be polite. I've never asked for an autograph or taken a picture. I've never said more than hello. I think how much they must have to go through with paparazzi and fans and being recognized everywhere they go. They are just people like everyone else. I have a few people that I do like a great deal based on roles they have played. This list is small. Charlize happens to be my favorite female actress. I have always thought she was so pretty yet she is so classy. She isn't afraid to get dirty and the roles she plays have grit. I have a great respect for her. And sure enough climbing up the rocks in her white robe was Charlize. Her hair was wet and she looked tired. But she was stunning. I was looking around expecting some body guards to start shoving me away but no she walked right by me never looking up. This is a good thing given the terrain I mentioned. But my heart jumped into my throat. I think more than anything because it was a bit of a shock. I mean you don't normally go out for your casual sea glass outing and end up on a movie set arms length from your favorite actress. It was so strange, as if I was in a movie. Hah! So at some point a movie will come out and I will say "  I was there! "

Did you already forget about the sea glass?  This is the piece I found.


  1. how surreal!
    it makes me think of the cider house
    rules where she talks about sea glass.

  2. I saw that movie but don;t remember that part. She was so good in that movie.

  3. uhg! i have it on vhs and nothing to play it on for a movie night. time to upgrade ;p


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