Monday, August 1, 2011

This Weeks Interview-CookieDoughCreations

This week I am featuring Kathy of Cookie Dough Creations.  She makes handmade salt dough decorations.  Be sure to check out her shop!

Tell me a little about yourself:

I'm Kathy and I was born in July of 1960. I live with my husband Bart and two children Mitch (19) and Becca (16) in Union Bridge, Maryland, a little rural town of around 900 people in central/western MD. We currently have a dog, which belongs to my daughter, and a few fish. The fish are mine! They're one of my obsessions. I seem to always have at least one beta in the kitchen at all times. If one dies and can't wait to run out and buy another- it's weird! But they keep me company in the kitchen when I'm cooking and when I'm not in my workshop I'm in the kitchen! I consider myself an old fashioned girl (my husband may not agree) but my very favorite things would have to be just staying home, working, taking care of the house and everyone in it. I haven't worked outside the home since I started crafting and before that I worked in Commercial Insurance underwriting.

How did you get started with your craft?

I got started in my craft about 14 years ago when I found some dough ornaments in a local craft boutique and fell in love with them. I bought $30 worth for my kids teachers and decided I could make them myself. So after about a year of researching recipes for the dough and practicing mixing and rolling dough (and throwing out many batches) I was doing my first craft show. 

I've always joked that I should find a craft that isn't so labor intensive (even though I know there isn't such a thing)! Each and every one of my ornaments is completely handmade by me- from mixing the dough and rolling it out in the kitchen to the shop where they are dried. After that each ornament is hand painted one at a time. Then a coat of polyurethane is hand brushed on, finishing touches are added and a rustic black wire hanger is added. I've been told that my painting is what makes my ornaments special. 

What inspires you?

My craft and my work is dough but the other materials that inspire me and I would say are my favorites all come from Mother Nature, anything wood, metal (rust is fine), leather or anything that grows. It sounds boring and simplistic but my favorite things would include being at home with my family, gardening-flowers and vegetables in the summer and my work.

What items are your favorite?

The rooster because I think it's a beautiful shape and I love painting it, the jack o' lantern because it represents my favorite holiday and all the angels because they are by far my bestselling items!


Do you have any advice for other online sellers?

Etsy has been a wonderful experience so far! I don't feel qualified to offer advice to other sellers because I still consider myself a newcomer, but if I had to I would say just don't give up trying to succeed and keep learning from everyone around you. With 800,000 sellers here at Etsy there is an absolutely astounding amount of creativity and knowledge around us. Just keep reading as much as possible and visiting as many shops as you possibly can!

Where can we find you on the net?


  1. Absolutely adorable creations! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I LOVE that rooster! What a great interview!

  3. Your rooster is my favorite too! Congrats on the feature :D


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