Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Team Lean On Me Autumn Challenge

Autumn is time for back to school, Thanksgiving, Halloween and the vibrant changing of the leaves. We start to think about winter approaching and warmer clothes. Rich scents of pumpkin pie, crackling fire and hayrides.

Team Lean On Me Leader Robin thought it would be a great idea to come up with a team challenge for autumn. Our Team will be creating treasuries using the items that were designed by our Team members for this challenge.

Here are just a few of the creations so far, with more to come!

Magpie's Trick Keishi Pearl Necklace

Vanilla Extinction Autumn Leaf

Patti Kuz American Girl Autumn Dress

Laura's Fine Art Harvest Past Oil Painting

Lilruby Steampunk Necklace

Bella Tora Designs Ginko Leaf Necklace

Lily Stiches Tom Turkey Applique Tshirt

Rizzart Decoupaged Teardrop Necklace

Please check out all the shops by clicking on the link below the item.


  1. Oooh, there are going to be so many pretty things! What a talented team we have.

  2. We sure do! I got all smiley when I was putting this together.

  3. This looks fabulous! I'm just crazy about lilruby's necklace!

  4. This was such an amazing feature to do and I am honored to be involved with such a talented team! Just looking at these pictures makes me see falling leaves :D


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