Friday, August 19, 2011

From The Workbench

OK technically my workbench looks more like a living room sofa.  Today I am working with these exquisite teal pearls.

When I am done the necklace will be strung like so...

It is proving to be very difficult to keep them from not flipping over.  I am presently restringing them for the third and hopefully final time.

Feeling as if they had gotten the best of me I moved on so as not to waste the day or lose any more brain cells.  I still hear them taunting me from the other room.  So I concentrated on this lovely paua shell pendant instead.  Back to the pearls tomorrow...

Paua Abalone Shell Necklace


  1. Both pieces are really beautiful! Wishing you more luck and less brain cells lost with the turquoise beads tomorrow!

  2. Wonderful information and love the pieces in progress. Also the paua shell piece is stunning :D


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