Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pieces of The Sea

Lately I have longing for the ocean breeze, sea mist in my hair, the reflection of the sun upon the waves, the crashing of the coast.  Here are some of my ocean inspired pieces.

Seahorse Pewter Earrings

Blue Bermuda Necklace

Turquoise Crystal Bracelet

Starfish Pewter Earrings

Ocean Teardrop Necklace


  1. I hate being this far inland. I miss the scent of the sea. Beautiful pieces, as always!

  2. Thanks Kit! I miss it too so I'm sinking my longing into my work.

  3. The Blue Bermuda is my favorite. Just lovely.

  4. Beautiful photos of your jewelry! I think the Blue Bermuda necklace is my favorite as well, tho I really like the seahorse earrings as well :).

  5. Thank you Sonya! I love taking photos of those Swarovski crystals. They are so gorgeous!


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