Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Great Dust Storm

Well if you're anything like me and you aren't a desert dweller you probably think monsoons only occur in Africa and other similar regions.  But they actually occur right here in the U.S. as well.  On Wednesday July 6th we ushered in monsoon season with a mammoth dust storm.  It's hard to explain what a dust storm is truly like unless you've been in one.  But it's kind've like a hurricane only with dust.  They usually occur very quickly and many times with no warning.  It looks as if the end of times is approaching. Should you be in an open area you will see nothing but a wall of dust as far up and as far across as you can see.  Even in the middle of the day the sky goes pitch black.  Winds can get as high as hurricane winds downing power lines, ripping out trees.  They move fast.  I took these photos in my backyard standing on a chair.  It looks as if the storm is pretty far away but to give you an idea I shot these three photos and ran inside.  With seconds to spare the sky went black and the dust hit like a freight train shaking the whole house for almost an hour.


  1. It does look bad...been her since 93 and it is still amazing ha To look up and just see the cloud of dust heading right for you =/

    Like the other night with the rain! We went out my daughter and I and it's like lets hurry before it hits here! Pouring rain but you see the dirt coming haha Our car looks horrible! You'd think the rain would of cleaned it but it just had to much dust in it... Where your at looks like even more dust all around so it must get even worse there....

    Found you via the Etsy blog team =) New follower =)

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  2. AG I live out in Maricopa and we never seem to get rain. It's like we have a dome over the town. We call it the poo dome from all the cow farms. Lately my friend and I have taken to storm chasing. We see big rain clouds and we drive out to them so we can stand in the rain.


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